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The right dog bowl matters!

Welcome to the Pets Plus One guide to choosing the best option in dog bowls. It’s not just down to the size of your dog either.

Dealing with medical conditions as well as helping to prevent problems in the future can be supported with an appropriate choice in food container.


Let’s be blunt, some dogs have big noses! Think greyhound, dachshunds, afghan hounds and poodles to name a few.

Whether it’s food or water, a deeper bowl will really let them get their snouts in there - right to the bottom. Make it more comfortable with a deep-sided food container

And…just as there are long and pointy noses, there are cute little snub ones as well. Pugs,  boxers, French bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles spaniels are a few examples. If you want to  get scientific, these breeds are called brachycephalic - derived from 2 Greek words meaning ‘short’ and ‘head’.

Shallow bowls make sense for these types of dogs - eating out of a traditional bowl can be way more difficult for these pooches.

Also consider slanted bowls - particularly for the short-head breeds, as a flat face makes it more difficult to put their mouth down into a bowl.

Shallow bowls are also important for breeds with shorter legs - Norfolk terrier, corgis, basset hound, pomeranians etc; and puppies will always find it easier to eat when they can pop their heads over the side.

Who’s a big boy then! Some breeds are just big….tall…legs up

to the sky. Well they say big is beautiful and I’m sure if they

could talk, they’d tell you it’s a long way down to that bowl on

the floor.

Consuming food from elevated food bowls reduces the strain on a dog’s joints, particularly its neck, hips and shoulders and that’s really important for older dogs or ones suffering from arthritis. In general - it just helps create a better posture.

Not forgetting, being raised off the ground means no more scraping and sliding around the floor during meal-time. And hey….it’s not so far for you to reach down when you want to clean them.  Win-win!


Hey you….yeah you with the big, beautiful ears.

Nobody wants wet doggy ears. Or ones covered in savoury meat feast with vegetables. Steep-sided bowls with narrower openings are your friend if you have pooches with long, drooping ears. It just makes sense.

Look. Just because we’ve included a Labrador for our next option is purely coincidental. We’re not food-shaming, but come on, if there was ever a breed that likes to gobble up everything put in front of them, then the beautiful Lab is maybe a little guilty.

Try a slow feeder. They come in various designs, but they have the same objective of slowing down the ability to eat what’s in there and stop food-gobbling. A more controlled consumption of food helps with your dog’s digestion, prevents bloating and even provides a bit of mental stimulation.

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